Sunday, 27 May 2007

UK Blog Entry 1: We arrive back from the US

Well we arrived back from the trip and the travelling bag had the top of the heap on the baggage cart - here it is arriving in the UK, and waiting for the Taxi home
Once we recovered from our jet lag we had to go back to work
and have not had a lot of photo opportunities becuase it has rained almost every day (helps keep the grass green though)

I thought you would like to see something typically English so here is one of my favourite things, red postboxes.
Traditionally situated on corners where two roads meet this isn't as useful in the modern day of the car.
They tell you helpful things like when the last collection was (always 5 minutes ago) and sometimes where you could drive to quickly to beat the guy collecting the mail.
Post boxes come in different styles and I suspect some of them are real antiques. I particularly like the one on a pole with flowers round its feet as it nestles in the hedge and the wierd double postbox with a cross section like a figure of 8.

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